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Cheapest Days to Travel this Holiday

Now it’s time to get ready for your Thanksgiving or Christmas flight. Here’s a quick update to see where the cheapest vacation travel prices are right now!

Airfare prices start to rise

We’ve seen the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and airfare prices are starting to go up. Most prices are up 1-5% – meaning now is the best time to buy. Once these plane tickets started to go up inexorably, there was no turning back. At least for now, the average ticket price isn’t making a big jump – and it won’t be for much longer! Act immediately.

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Change your return date for big savings this Thanksgiving

Shortening or adding a day or two to your trip can save you a lot of money. For Thanksgiving this year, the peak day of travel is…Sunday, November 27th. Not only will the airport be very crowded and busy on this day, but it will also be the most expensive day of return. If you can delay your return trip until Monday, November 28, you’ll save about $145 off the average Sunday fare. If you return on Saturday, November 27th, you’ll also save – about $60 per ticket. If you’re traveling alone, it probably won’t make much of a difference. But a family of four saved more than $200. If budget is your top priority, you can save $184 on airfare when you return home on Friday, November 26. This route is fast and efficient – and you’ll save a lot on the cheapest vacation trips.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Tips and Tricks for the cheapest holiday trips

We see a similar trend for Christmas and New Year’s flights and data from previous years confirms this. Avoiding traveling on Sundays is usually a guaranteed way to save money. This year, Christmas itself falls on a Sunday, shifting the main day back to the following week. The flight home on Monday, December 26, is currently the most important day for a Christmas trip home and should be the cheapest holiday trip.

When you return home the next day, December 27, you will save an average of about $30, and over the following week your savings will increase significantly. New Year shows the same date. We expect the most expensive return date on Sunday January 1st and more significant savings on Monday January 2nd.

As Christmas and New Year come, we’re sure to share more information to help you save even more. In the meantime, visit our website to book cheap flights online.

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