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10 Tips That Will Help You Book Cheap Flights in 2022

Did you know that the best time to book a flight is on Tuesdays? Or that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the most expensive booking days of the week? If you’re ready for your next trip but don’t have much money to spend, these tips may come in handy. They can help you save up to hundreds of dollars on flights when you book them in advance or at a certain time of day and avoid peak travel times. These tricks are based on expert advice from professional flight attendants, travel bloggers, and other industry influencers. So read on to learn how to book cheap flights in 2022 and beyond!

Know the best times to book flights

The most expensive days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. These days are also the most popular times for people to travel. Although the flight may be less expensive, the added cost of hotels and ground transportation could result in a higher overall travel cost. It’s best to avoid booking these days altogether.

If you can’t avoid booking during these times, try booking on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening. These are the least expensive days to book flights. And if you can wait until the weekend to purchase your flight, you can save even more money. This is because airlines tend to decrease the price of flights as the weekend approaches. So if you can wait until the last minute, you can save even more.

Book on off-peak days

If you’re booking flights in advance, avoid major holidays and other popular travel dates such as spring break and summer vacation. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, and July 4th are extremely popular times for people to travel. If you can, try to avoid flying during these times altogether.

If you can’t, wait until the weekend to book your flight. Most people book their flights weeks or months in advance. So if you wait until the weekend to book, there may be more seats available on less popular routes.

Fly on Wednesdays and Thursdays

The least expensive day to fly is on Tuesdays. The most expensive day to fly is on Fridays. So if you’re able to avoid booking on a Friday, you should save a lot of money. If you do have to book on a Friday, try booking on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. This will ensure that you’re paying less for your flight.

You may also want to avoid flying during the first two weeks of the month. This is because people are often paid on the first and last Fridays of the month. So they try to get all of their travel done during these two weeks.

Book in advance If you can, it’s best to book your flight up to six months in advance. This will ensure that you’re able to fly to your desired destination on the day and time that you want. Avoid booking at the last minute. The closer to your departure date that you book your flight, the more likely you are to pay a higher price.

Because airlines are very aware that people like to travel during the summer, flights are more expensive during this time of year. You can save money by booking your flight as early as possible.

Check for flight coupon codes

Many airlines offer coupon codes for discounts towards future flights. Before booking, check out the airline’s website for any available coupon codes. You can also check out websites like onlineflightcompare and TheFlightDeal. These websites aggregate all the available flight coupon codes and sales from multiple airlines.

You can also sign up for email alerts from airlines and travel websites. These alerts will inform you when a flight coupon code is available. If you have time, you can then log in and book your flight to get the discount. If not, you can bookmark the page and check back later.

Another way to save on flights is to sign up for an airline rewards program. You may be able to earn miles towards a free flight by paying for your ticket or by signing up for the airline’s rewards program.

Avoid paying for extras

If you’re booking a flight, you may be offered the option to add extra services such as flight insurance, a seat upgrade, or a checked bag. While these add-ons may be worth it for some people, they can be a waste of money for others.

If you’re booking a flight that’s less than a couple hours, such as a short flight to the nearest big city, you don’t need flight insurance. This is because most flight insurance policies don’t cover flights under four hours. If you’re booking a long-haul flight, you may want to pay a little extra for flight insurance. This will provide reimbursement if your flight is delayed or cancelled due to a weather or mechanical issue.

Fly at the last minute

If you’ve waited until the last minute to book a flight and don’t want to pay a higher price, try to fly at the last minute. This is especially helpful if you’re booking last-minute during the summer. If you’re able to fly on a Wednesday or Thursday evening, you can save even more money. Avoid flying on Fridays though, as this is when flights are at their most expensive.

You should also avoid booking the last seat on the plane. This is because it’s the last seat that maintenance crews check before the plane leaves the ground. So if there are any issues with the plane, you’re the last one to get off.

Check your airline’s discount code

Before booking your flight, check to see if your airline has any discount codes available. Most airlines offer a discount code that can be used to save money on online bookings. These discount codes are usually found on the airline’s website or social media pages.

If you find a flight that you like but it’s a little more expensive than what you want to pay, keep checking the airline’s website for new discount codes. Airlines will often release new codes that can be used to lower the price of flights.


These tips will help you save money on flights. You can wait until the last minute to book a flight and still get a great price. If you book in advance, you may pay more. So consider booking at the last minute if you’re trying to save money.

We hope that you’ve found these tips helpful. These tips can help you book cheap flights in 2022 and beyond.

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